Tinting / Shading Dyes

One size doesn’t fit all: Tailored white paper solutions

Some colorant suppliers have the ‘one size fits all’ approach when it comes to tinting white papers: One blue and one red or violet is all you need. As experience shows us, this is not the case. We take a different approach and offer creative tinting solutions, tailored for your mill, that are easy to control and versatile enough to produce all your white grades. We achieve this by offering a full line of specialty dyestuffs, pigment dispersions and specialty optical brightening agents (OBAs) for coated and uncoated free sheet as well as lignin-containing grades.

Whether it’s a Cartaren® pigment dispersion, a Carta®, Cartasol® or a Cartazine® dyestuff or a Leucophor® OBA, you get our products along with the technical expertise to deliver the results you expect.


Coloration Solutions for Packaging

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