We can get you to the highest whites: optical brightening agents by Archroma

Archroma offers a complete line of Leucophor brand specialty OBAs produced to meet paper industry requirements. Leucophor products enable the papermaker to achieve high whiteness and brightness levels on all types of bleached pulps. These products include anionic disulphonated-, tetrasulphonated- and hexasulphonated OBAs, as well as cationic OBAs, that allow the papermaker to produce superior whites by:

  • Wet-end application
  • Size press application
  • Coating application

By selecting the proper Leucophor product, coupled with Archroma’s expertise and technical service approach, the papermaker can achieve maximum efficiency and performance for each application area. This is achieved through an understanding of the relevant OBA’s chemistry and the interaction with the associated chemistries of the wet-end, size press and coating systems. All this makes Archroma an expert in the supply and development of OBAs.


Launch of Leucophor ACK

Archroma launches the world’s most highly-concentrated, urea-free liquid optical brightening agent for printing and writing papers. New disulphonated Leucophor® ACK contains no environmentally-harmful additives, decreases OBA requirements for papermakers, and lowers transport costs and carbon footprint. more >

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