Whiteness Management

We are the only major OBA producer to have a Research and Development team dedicated specifically to paper. This investment enables us to produce innovative products that meet the needs of specific papers and processes.

As well as innovative, our product range is extensive and is backed by a team of experts with a wide knowledge in the particularly difficult field of measurement of white papers. We have vast experience in all paper OBA application areas.

Optical brightening agents: Leucophor

Quenching agents: Cartarex

Tinting/shading: Tinting/shading dyes & pigments

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Coloration Solutions for Packaging

Archroma launches the world’s most highly-concentrated, urea-free liquid optical brightening agent for printing and writing papers. New disulphonated Leucophor® ACK contains no environmentally-harmful additives, decreases OBA requirements for papermakers, and lowers transport costs and carbon footprint. more >

Coloration Solutions for Packaging

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