Archroma Receives U.S. EPA’s 2007 P2 Recognition Program Award

Flowers1Cartaspers PSM
January 15, 2008 – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded Archroma its 2007 P2 Recognition Project Award for Cartaspers PSM, a product used in paper manufacturing. Only three such awards were made by EPA from among all of the new chemicals submitted to the agency for registration in the U.S. during the year.

Through the annual program, the EPA honors companies for developing innovative chemistry and technologies that result in pollution prevention. EPA looks for environmentally beneficial uses of products, and products that conserve energy and water during their manufacture, processing or use.
The award-winning chemicals are identified through the EPA’s New Chemicals Program, which screens up to 2500 chemicals a year through the Pre-Manufacture Notice (PMN) P2 screening process as well as during more detailed new chemical reviews. In selecting products to recognize under the program, the EPA looks for products that result in pollution prevention. In other words, as Daria Church, Product Safety Manager with Archroma at its North American region headquarters in Charlotte, N.C., explains: “Archroma did not specifically seek this recognition. The EPA selected Archroma thanks to our product’s actual potential to reduce pollution at our customers’ facilities.”

Cartaspers PSM is a nonionic, readily biodegradable, hydrophilic polymer with high affinity for hydrophobic surfaces. It was designed by Archroma for control of “stickies” in the board- and paper-making process. “Stickies” are contaminants such as latex, adhesives, pitch and resins, inherent in wastepaper as a raw material. Such “sticky” particles have a natural affinity for synthetic wires and felts on papermaking equipment. Keeping the paper- and board-making machinery free of such contamination is not an easy task and longer periods of downtime may be necessary to facilitate thorough cleaning, typically employing large quantities of volatile and flammable solvents. On restarting the machine, the water circuits are contaminated with cleaning solvents, which soften “stickies” and intensify the contamination of wires and felts. Cartaspers PSM is applied to the wet-end of a paper machine, to treat the “stickies” in the pulp. Additionally, the product may be used to condition the machine clothing. Added continuously to the shower water, the fabric monofilaments are encapsulated by a “protective hydrophilic polymer layer”. On each revolution of the paper-making felt, the contamination is easily washed away and a fresh layer of product applied.
In making the award, the EPA acknowledged that Cartaspers PSM “provides reduced worker exposure to volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and improved paper machine operational efficiency during the use of post-consumer waste in the production of paper products.”

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