Cartaseal® Barrier Coating Additives

Cartaseal® VWF – Flexible water vapor barrier coating
Cartaseal VWF liq is a FDA and BfR approved fluorine free alternative for imparting barrier properties to paper or board; in particular the more demanding water vapour barrier. In addition, a barrier to oils, fats, grease and solvents is also achieved. This unique product forms an extremely flexible film on drying, giving complete protection to the paper or board. Typical applications include ream wrap paper and food and pharmaceutical packaging, where food contact status is essential. more >

Cartaseal® HFU – Fluorine-free water barrier
Cartaseal® HFU liq is a FDA compliant water barrier coating designed as a recyclable alternative to paraffin wax saturation. It is based on an aqueous formulation of special synthetic emulsions and can be applied by a variety of coating techniques, including film press, rod, air-knife, roll, gravure & blade coating, and typically applied as a single coated layer. more >

Cartaseal A range
A range of anti-slip coatings providing increased coefficient of friction, enabling paper products to be used as, for example, transit packaging interleaving, catering tray mats, and paper reel end roundels, where the friction prevents the products from moving and slipping. Products can be applied by most coating and printing methods.


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