Cartacoat® Coating/Impregnation Binders – Rheology Modifiers

Cartacoat B range

A large range of synthetic emulsion polymers as:

  • Coating binders for bottle labels, coated wallpaper, high quality packaging board, inkjet paper
  • Impregnation binders for technical fiber materials: Decoration paper, uncoated wallpaper, automotive filters, teabags, medical non-woven

Cartacoat RM range

High quality rheology modifiers for coating colors, providing optimized water retention or viscosity adjustment:

  • Cartacoat RM8: Low viscosity under low shear, high water retention, FDA/BfR compliant
  • Cartacoat RM20: High viscosity under low shear, low high-shear viscosity, moderate water retention profile. Cartacoat RM20 can be advantageously associated with polyvinyalcohol for replacing CMC in the coating color


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