Cartabond® Crosslinkers – Surface Strength Improvers

The series provides crosslinkers for improved quality in offset printing and converting. During printing and converting operations such as sheeting, rolling and de-curling, free particles tend to form dust, causing production stoppages and reduced printing quality. This is especially true when the paper surface needs to be wetted out for printing or converting operations.

Cartabond crosslinkers offer improved wet surface strength by decreasing the water solubility and/or aqueous swelling of binders and fibers close to the paper surface. They create additional links between the binder polymer molecules, the cellulosic fibers and the filler or surface pigment particles. Cartabond crosslinkers are highly reactive. They quickly crosslink as soon as water is evaporated from the paper surface in the drying section of the paper machine.

Cartabond TSI liquid / Cartabond EPI liquid:
Multipurpose, cost effective, formaldehyde-free surface strength improvers. Crosslinkers of natural and synthetic binders in size press and coating formulations. Particularly beneficial for offset printing papers, silicone release papers, carbonless papers, coated papers and packaging paper and board.

Cartabond MZI liquid / Cartabond KZI liquid:
High reactivity zirconium-based surface strength Improvers. Very efficient crosslinkers of carboxylated binders, such as CMC, SBR and acrylic latex, currently used in the coating of paper and board. Cartabond MZI and KZI liquid reduce the offset printing defects which are caused by a weaker surface strength when the paper is wetted with fountain water. Cartabond KZI liquid has no ammonia smell.


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