Surface & Coating

Archroma offers efficient solutions to enhance the functional properties of all kinds of paper. As an example, the Cartaseal range is an innovative coating concept providing superior barrier properties to oil, water and water vapor. Papers coated with Cartaseal can also offer properties such as excellent printability, glueability, heat sealability and temperature resistance. Archroma also offers solutions compliant to FDA and BfR for food-contact paper and board.

The Cartabond range is an other example of how to add value to paper: these crosslinkers improve the paper surface strength in size press and coating formulations. They reduce the offset printing defects which are caused by a weaker surface strength of the paper when wetted with fountain water.

Whether the issue is smoothness, softness, gloss, printability or absorbency, we will find a tailor-made solution to meet your needs.

Crosslinkers – Surface strength improvers: Cartabond

Fluorochemicals: Cartaguard

Barrier coating additives: Cartaseal

Binders/Rheology modifiers: Cartacoat

Surface sizing agents: Cartacol

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