Cartafix®, Cartaspers®

Deposit Control Agents: Cartafix and Cartaspers

Cartaspers SCH
Unique and innovative product/system to reduce “sticky” problems, for example in newsprint with 100% recycled fibers. Product will be applied preferably in the thick stock (patent registered).

Cartaspers PSM liquid
Innovative nonionic hydrophilic patented polymer with strong affinity for hydrophobic surfaces. Modifies surface energy of machine wires, felts and guide roles to reduce pitch and stickies contamination. Keeps hydrophilicity and drainage capacity of felts. Product will be applied mainly through shower pipes. Dispersing action prevents agglomeration of contaminants. Size press treatment improves printability and gullibility of low surface energy paper.

Cartafix CB liquid / Cartafix DPR liquid / Cartafix NTC liquid
Highly charged, formaldehyde-free, cross-linked, cationic polymers for the treatment and control of interfering substances. Very good at combating latex deposits, controlling pitch, improving runnability and reducing effluent loading. Increases efficiency of cationic papermaking additives (retention aids, wet-strength resins, dyes and sizes), improves dyestuff yield and fixation. These agents have been used on the paper surface to improve inkjet printability.

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Award for Cartaspers PSM

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has awarded Archroma its 2007 P2 Recognition Project Award for Cartaspers PSM, a product used in paper manufacturing. Only three such awards were made by the EPA from among all of the new chemicals submitted to the agency for registration in the U.S. during the year. Cartaspers PSM is a nonionic, hydrophilic polymer with high affinity for hydrophobic surfaces. It was designed by Archroma for control of “stickies” in the board- and paper-making process. more >

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