Cartafix®, Cartaretin®

Cartafix®, Cartaretin®

Dye fixation without the loss of brilliance or affecting the shade is a complex issue. Archroma offers a broad range of products designed to all fixation challenges.

Cartafix F liquid / Cartafix FF liquid
Economical fixatives for anionic direct dyes and an auxiliary for dyeing with cationic direct dyes. Formaldehyde-free, suitable for acid and alkaline conditions, reduces two-sidedness, improves dyestuff yield and fastness properties.

Cartafix VXD liquid
Economical low molecular weight polydadmac for anionic direct dyes fixation.

Cartafix WE liquid
Classical very efficient fixatives for all anionic direct dyes.

Cartafix SWE liquid
Formaldehyde free dicyandiamide based fixative for brilliant shades. This fixative offers good light fastness properties and has food contact compliance BfR XXXVI.


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