Flexonyl® P, LAP

Flexonyl® P, LAP

Technically advanced high solids content range of pigment preparations

Developed and are approved particularly for laminate papers. Features such as sustained color quality assurance in combination with technical properties of low foaming, high fastness and stability in resin formulations, make them especially suitable. The formulations resist drying out in open containers.

All Flexonyl products comply to the European standard for nonylphenyl content.

Product range:
Flexonyl Yellow NCG-P
Flexonyl Yellow 4G-P
Flexonyl Yellow FGL-P
Flexonyl Yellow HR-P
Flexonyl Orange H4GL-P
Flexonyl Orange G-P
Flexonyl Orange RLD-P
Flexonyl Scarlet 4RF-P
Flexonyl Red FGR-LAP
Flexonyl Red F5RK-P
Flexonyl Red E5B-P
Flexonyl Carmine HF3C-P
Flexonyl Violet RL-LAP LN
Flexonyl Blue AN-P
Flexonyl Blue B2G-P


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