Diresul® P Dyes

Diresul® P Dyes Liquid sulphur dyes: Diresul® P dyesLiquid sulphur dyes of the Diresul P product range are distinctly different from conventional sulphur dyes. These products are alkaline solutions of reduced sulphur dyes. The dye molecules are solubilised by adding suitable reducers in an alkaline medium.

All products contain very low sulphide-content (less than 0.3%). This very low amount of sulphide prevents the danger of undesirable release of hydrogen sulphide during acidification. No additional safety precautions are necessary while using Diresul P dyes. Diresul P dyes give high coverage and good light fastness whilst waste waters remain practically clear. This enables their use in a multitude of applications across the whole range from decor papers up to graphic papers, packaging papers and industrial papers, combining an ecological profile with economics and industrial safety.

  • Diresul Black P-FT liquid
  • Diresul Black RDT-P liquid


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