Cartasol® M Dyes

Cartasol® M Dyes

Cartasol® M: Coloration for Packaging & Newsprint

The Cartasol M range has been developed especially for the packaging and newsprint market and combines superior technical performance with an improved Health and Safety profile at a competitive cost.

Cartasol M products are ideally suited for the dyeing of papers based on mechanical, recycled and unbleached pulp. They have been developed specifically for packaging applications as a technically advanced alternative for basic and anionic direct dyes. Compared to basic dyes, Cartasol M products offer a faster attainment of shade and a higher stability with significantly higher light fastness. This product range is available in Yellow, Orange, Brown and Black to suit the varying needs in the packaging and board industry.

Product range:

  • Cartasol Yellow M-RJ liquid
  • Cartasol Yellow M-GLC liquid
  • Cartasol Brown M-2R liquid
  • Cartasol Brown M-2RN liquid
  • Cartasol Black M-G liquid



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