Cartasol® K Dyes

CARTASOL K Dyes: Cationic direct dyes with superior performance

  • Excellent substantivity, clear backwaters and excellent bleedfastness
  • No fixative required, saving costs and complexity
  • Faster color changes

Cartasol K dyes

Although cationic in nature these dyes offer vastly superior properties to traditional basic dyes. They are structurally closer to Cartasol F anionic direct dyes and are applicable in the same industry segments, namely fine paper, board and particularly tissue.

Due to their cationic charge they have excellent substantivity and affinity for the fiber and have a very rapid exhaustion, meaning they only require a short contact time to achieve full dye yields with clean backwaters. Due to this short contact time required the Cartasol K dyes can be added very late in the system, which allows for rapid colour correction and cleaner stock systems and thus shorter shade changeover times. An added benefit is that Cartasol K dyes do not require any fixative, saving on costs and complexity.

Archroma is a market leader in cationic direct dyes for paper and offers a wide range of products:

  • Cartasol Brilliant Yellow K6G liquid
  • Cartasol Yellow K4GL liquid
  • Cartasol Yellow KGL Liquid
  • Cartasol Orange K3GL liquid
  • Cartasol Red K3BN liquid
  • Cartasol Blue K5R liquid
  • Cartasol Blue KRL liquid
  • Cartasol Turquoise KRL liquid
  • Cartasol Green K5BL 01 liquid
  • Cartasol Brown KBL liquid

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