Cartasol® F Dyes

Cartasol® F Dyes

Highly substantive, anionic, direct dyes, specially developed for the paper industry

They are particularly suitable for dyeing wood-free paper and board in the stock and at the size press.

Advantages of Cartasol F dyes:

  • High affinity, giving high color yield, clear backwaters and the possibility of adding the dyes late in the stock flow system
  • The liquid dyes are particularly suitable for continuous addition
  • Good bleedfastness
  • Very bright shade

In some combinations of selected F and K-dyes (for example, tissue dyeings), the addition of a fixative is not necessary since the F dye is fixed by the K dye The usual Archroma recommendation when both K and F dyes are being used is to add K dye at an earlier addition point than F dyes as superior economics results. Colored two-sidedness can be reduced or eliminated. Cartasol F dyes are not sensitive to pH variations and can be applied in the range 4 to 9.

Cartasol Yellow 6GFN liquid
Cartasol Yellow 3GSFN liquid
Cartasol Yellow BGFN liquid
Cartasol Yellow 2GFC liquid
Cartasol Yellow RFN liquid
Cartasol Yellow RFC liquid
Cartasol Brill Orange 2RFN liquid
Cartasol Brill Orange 2RF granules
Cartasol Red 2GFN liquid
Cartasol Red 2GFN granules
Cartasol Red 3BFN liquid
Cartasol Red 7BFC liquid and powder
Cartasol Violet 3BF liquid
Cartasol Brill Violet 5BFN liquid
Cartasol Blue F3R-HP liquid
Cartasol Blue 3R-EU liquid
Cartasol Brill Blue RF liquid
Cartasol Blue 2RL liquid
Cartasol Blue 3RFC liquid
Cartasol blue GD 281 conc. liquid
Cartasol Blue GDFC liquid
Cartasol Turquoise FRL liquid


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