Cartaren®/Cartaren C 500

Pigment preparations Cartaren/Cartaren C 500

Cartaren/Cartaren C 500 are organic pigment preparations mostly based on anionic tensides. This allows them to be readily incorporated in aqueous systems. Cartaren pigment preparations are used for the coloration of papers requiring high fastness properties, for example high quality printing and writing papers, art papers and other technical papers. The types with very good light fastness are also suitable for the coloration and shading of coating colors. All Cartaren and Cartaren C 500 products comply with the European standard for Nonylphenyl content. Cartaren C 500 grades are, in addition, free of V.O.C. (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Cartaren C 500
Cartaren Blue C-BR 500
Cartaren Violet C-B 500
Cartaren Tinting Violet BN 500
Cartaren Tinting Violet BN-P
Cartaren Tinting Violet BB-P

Cartaren Yellow 2GC paste
Cartaren Black 2004 paste
Cartaren Black CB 01 paste
Cartaren Blue 68122 paste 20
Cartaren Blue 68252 paste 20
Cartaren Blue C-15F paste
Cartaren Orange RLC paste
Cartaren Rhodamine 18592 paste 20


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