Carta® Powder Dyes

Carta® Powder Dyes

Anionic, substantive direct powder dyes

Carta powder dyes are anionic, substantive direct dyes for dyeing sized and unsized wood-free papers and industrial grades. These powders complement the high quality powders in the Cartasol range. They are usually specified by end-users by CI Index, so this is shown. Carta powder dyes are packed in 5kg repulpable paper bags, 5 bags per carton for adding to the pulper. Archroma developed these dyes for higher dyeing strength and lower salt content than comparative products of same CI Index.

Product range:
Carta Yellow 3GCL powder (Direct Yellow 142)
Carta Turquoise FRL 501 powder (Direct Blue 199)
Carta Green CF powder (Direct Green 26)
Carta Blue F4R powder (Direct Blue 71)
Carta Black G170 powder (Direct Black 19)
Carta Black RX powder (Direct Black 80)


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