Carta® Dyes

Carta® Dyes

Specially selected anionic, substantive direct dyes

Carta dyes are specially selected anionic, substantive direct dyes for dyeing sized and unsized wood-free papers and industrial grades. They are a cost effective solution for the packaging applications and are suitable for liner board production where a higher lightfastness rather than basic dye is needed. In general, affinity is lower than with Cartasol dyes. This can be an advantage, for example, in dyeing mixed furnishes or surface dyeing.

Product range:
Carta Yellow G liquid
Carta Yellow RS liquid
Carta Orange YS liquid
Carta Orange RTG 120 liquid
Carta Red EBE liquid
Carta Red 8BL liquid
Carta Brilliant Red 5BFC liquid
Carta Blue LP liquid
Carta Blue PE liquid
Carta Brown NSW liquid
Carta Brown NRG liquid
Carta Brown RSW liquid
Carta Black BSN liquid


Coloration Solutions for Packaging

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