With our dedicated research & development team, we are a pioneering company in developing patented and REACH-registered chemistries unique to Archroma of anionic direct, cationic direct and modified basic liquid dyes, especially designed for paper application.

We remain one of the few companies with a complete range of colorants. In addition to certain dyes exclusively offered by Archroma we also offer same color indexes as other producers of anionic and cationic dyes in optimized formulations with higher stability. Moreover Archroma offers state-of-the-art pigment products to the paper maker. Additionally we sell specialized sulphur dyes, specifically developed for use in the paper industry.

Our Product Range

The diversity of our products enables us to offer comprehensive solutions for all market segments.

Direct dyes: Cartasol F Dyes, Cartasol K Dyes, Carta Dyes, Carta Powder Dyes

Basic dyes: Cartazine

Dyes for mechanical and recycled pulps: Cartasol M dyes

Sulphur Dyes: Diresul P dyes

Pigment preparations: Cartaren®/Cartaren C 500, Flexonyl LAP, P

Colorants search tool: Color Finder

Color Finder

Additional to CIELAB values, product performance, food-contact approvals and recommended application.

More than 80% of Archroma paper colorants included in the Color Finder, fulfill the requirements of at least one eco-label.